Western Front Association East Coast Announces Spring 2014 WW1 History Symposium


The Western Front Association East Coast Branch (USA) has announced that it will hold its Spring 2014 Symposium in World War I History on Saturday June 7 at the historic Maryland War Memorial Building, Baltimore, MD.  The symposium will feature discussions and presentations by noted historians and authors on various aspects of the history and impact of the First World War.  Also speaking at the symposium will be Mr. Robert J. Dalessandro, Chairman of the United States World War I Centennial Commission who will update attendees on the plans and activities of the Commission to date.

WFA East Coast Symposium in World War I History - Attendees enjoy a presentation at a recent gathering.

WFA East Coast Symposium in World War I History – Attendees enjoy a presentation at a recent gathering.

As the Branch’s first gathering  of the World War I centenary period (2014-2018), the symposium has a theme largely focusing on events in Europe during the summer of 1914.  Included will be displays of WW1 artifacts and memorabilia, door prizes, refreshments, and an opportunity to tour the historic building which was dedicated in 1925 as a memorial to those Marylanders who gave their lives in the First World War.

Among the presentations featured at the symposium are:

  • “Assassination in Sarajevo” – WFA East Coast’s Stephen Miller gives  a then-and-now travelogue which examines the sites and extant artifacts related to the June 28, 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • “Mons and the BEF August 1914” – Historian and author Jon Guttman, military historians Dr. Bruce Gudmundsson and Andrew Rolander of the Marine Corps University, and WFA East Coast’s Alexander Falbo examine both the British and German perspectives as they conduct an audience-interactive panel discussion of the action which set the stage for the pivotal Battle of the Marne.
  • “Death or Deliverance: Canadian Courts Martial in The Great War” – Canadian author Teresa Iacobelli discusses her recent book which draws surprising conclusions about the nature of military justice in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War I.
  • “The Birth of Aerial Reconnaissance”  – Historian and Author Jon Guttman examines the world’s first use of the airplane as a provider of real-time tactical and strategic intelligence at the battles of Mons and The Marne on the Western Front, as well as Tannenberg on the Eastern Front.
  • “Thinking Inside the Box: The Arms Race on Land 1905-1914” – Dr. Bruce Gudmundsson of the Marine Corps Command and Staff College recounts the pivotal changes in the nature of armies in the decade before World War I – changes which took unwary strategists and generals by surprise on the outbreak of war.


For full details  and registration instructions see the WFA East Coast Spring 2014 Flyer here