France and New Zealand Re-Afirm Commemorative Ties


New Zealand troops parade after liberating Le Quesnoy, France, November 1918.

New Zealand troops parade after liberating Le Quesnoy, France, November 1918.

Meeting in Auckland, French Associate Minister for Defense, Monsieur Kader Arif, and New Zealand Minister for Culture, Arts and Heritage, Mr. Christopher Finlayson, have signed a letter of intent regarding World War I commemorations between the two countries.

The letter of intent re-affirms the deep friendship between France and New Zealand.  “Our shared sacrifices sealed an enduring friendship,” Mr. Finlayson said. “Successive French and New Zealand governments have worked together mindful of the need to continuously construct peace and security in the world.”  New Zealand has been welcomed to participate in upcoming commemorative events in France throughout the centenary years.

During the First World War, New Zealand troops fought with distinction in France as part of the ANZAC forces of the British Empire.  New Zealand’s participation in centenary activities will include The Battle of the Somme (1916) and Le Quesnoy (1918).

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New Zealand Announces Key Commemorative Dates for 2014-18

The New Zealand War Memorial, Auckland.

The New Zealand War Memorial, Auckland.

New Zealand’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Christopher Finlayson has announced the official commemorative dates for that country’s remembrance of the First World War.  According to the Minister,  the creation of an official centenary calendar will help New Zealanders at home and abroad to commemorate the events of the Great War that were particularly significant for their ancestors.

The list of key commemorative dates for the New Zealand centenary observances at home are:

25 April 2015 – Anzac landings in Gallipoli – National War Memorial

15 September 2016 – War in France – National War Memorial

12 October 2017 – War in Belgium – National War Memorial

October/November 2017 – War in Sinai/Palestine – National War Memorial

11 November 2018 – Armistice – National War Memorial

The New Zealand national commemorations to be held overseas are:

25 April 2015 – Anzac landings at Gallipoli – Turkey

15 September 2016 – Battle of the Somme – France

7 June 2017 – Battle of Messines – Belgium

12 October 2017 – Battle of Passchendaele – Belgium

31 October 2017 – Battle of Beersheba – Israel

4 November 2018 – Liberation of Le Quesnoy – France

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