MacArthur Memorial Unveils New WW1 Education Resources


The MacArthur Memorial of Norfolk, VA, whose mission is to preserve and present of the life story of General Douglas MacArthur, has just unveiled an exciting new set of education resources on the history of the First World War.  Seeking to reach global audiences, the Memorial has just released on YouTube the first of a series of WW1 history films, “1914: The Road to War”.  This 13-minute video sets the stage for the outbreak of the war nearly 100 years ago in a package designed to easily fit the needs of classroom teachers and home school instructors alike.  “The Road to War” is augmented by additional enrichment materials available on the MacArthur Memorial’s website.  These materials feature ready-made resource handouts focusing on themes such as the geography of Europe in 1914, history through contemporary political cartoon analysis,  and the role of technology in shaping World War I.

Over the next two years, the MacArthur Memorial will release 9 more videos along with enrichment materials available on their website.  The key objective of the project is to help students answer critical questions such as : why does this war still matter, why did it start, who were the major players, and ultimately what happened?

The MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, VA, features a museum and resource center which is free and open to the public throughout the year.

Access the video “1914: The Road to War” here.

Access the video’s enrichment materials here.