OVER THE TOP – The Magazine of the World War 1 Centennial



OVER THE TOP a magazine, edited and published by WW1 tour guide and historian Mike Hanlon, is gearing up for the Centennial of The First World War.  Readers will enjoy a fresh assessment of the events, personalities and course of the war as well as its impact on our lives today.

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Centennial Symposium – Norfolk – November 14-15, 2014


Join an international line-up of authors and speakers in Norfolk, Virginia for a 2-day WW1 symposium hosted by the MacArthur Memorial.

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Help GAAM Build a SPAD

A SPAD XIII Flown by American WWI Ace Eddie Rickenbacker.

A SPAD XIII Flown by American WWI Ace Eddie Rickenbacker.

The Golden Age Air Museum is building a flying replica SPAD 13, the classic American fighter aircraft of World War I, and YOU can help.

Introduced in 1916, the French SPAD XIII  became one of the most successful Allied fighter planes and many WWI flying aces scored victories flying this type.  The Golden Age Air Museum of Bethel, PA, is currently raising funds to build a flying SPAD XIII replica which it hopes to have airworthy by the Spring of 2014.  Members of the general public can contribute to this unique project through the museum’s “Sponsor a Wing Rib” program.  For more details, visit the SPAD Fundraiser page here.